5 Fitness Apps To Download On Apple Watch


Who has been following my new stories knows that I’m getting a little fitness crazy! The cool thing about the Apple Watch is that it has an integrated activity app, allowing you to set goals and review your progress. With this app you can track how much you move, exercise, and stand from day to day. And the fun part is that over time the Apple Watch will learn your activity habits and will try to push you even further. It also has a workout app that’s super easy to use!

Besides running with the Nike+ RunClub app, I try to keep myself in shape and train thanks to a couple of other apps dedicated to fitness. I’ve selected my current 5 go-to apps for Apple Watch.

Pocket yoga. An app that offers simple and instant exercises for which you don’t even need to look at your smartphone. If you are in doubt about changing between the warrior and the tree pose, just look at your wrist!

Sleep Time. This app gives you an insight into your sleep patterns by tracking your level of movement throughout the night. The Soundscapes feature gives you the white noise to help you fall asleep, even in the noisy environment.

Waterminder®. While we wish there was an app that automatically logged how much water we’re drinking throughout the day, this app provides an easy way to keep a running tab on the glasses you down; it’ll gently nudge you to add your daily water consumption progress.

Sweat. Sweat with Kayla is the perfect personal trainer app for exercise motivation and female health and fitness. It allows you to track your health, nutrition and daily workouts and helps you to get the (bikini) body/confidence that you’ve always wanted in just 28 minutes a day.

Headspace. The mind needs a dedicated workout of its own. This app is a small oasis of peace away from your daily chaos, that allows you to say goodbye to your thoughts and throw yourself fully into your day’s activities.

I’m curious, what are your favorite fitness apps?

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